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Baby blanket frenzy

For those who’ve followed me for while, you will probably think : what, another baby? And yes, another dear friend and colleague of mine had a lovely baby this April, and of course, that set another deadline for a new baby blanket pattern for me.

I knew she liked the Zoe blanket and Victoria blanket a lot, but also, that she was quite a fan of Scandinavian design and colour schemes. Which was a win-win situation for me, since I got to work with my favourite colours combined!

This time around though, I wanted to make sure I would be able to finish the blanket BEFORE the baby was 6 months old (or married or something), and decided to downsize it a bit, and make a baby blanket that works well for the first year, especially in a pram or when you’re holding them in your arms (sounds good as an excuse, doesn’t it?).

Go for another intarsia

Ok, so before the blankets, I had never really done any intarsia work before, or none that compares to the insanity of these blankets. But since both the Victoria blanket (diamonds) and the Zoe blanket (hearts) have both been downloaded over 7.000 times (!), I thought, well, there are enough knitting crazies out there to maybe want yet another intarsia blanket.

The Amala blanket : triangles, triangles, triangles

This time I went for a new yarn I fell in love with, the Onion no.4, which is a 70% wool, 30 % nettle fiber blend and incredibly soft and warm. Don’t get confused by the nettle fiber, Onion uses a lot of it in its yarn combination, and it can turn out really soft, like for this specific yarn.

Another argument for it is that it had exactly the colours I wanted to use : blue, yellow , pink and a nice creme colour, AND I could finally knit with a little bit larger needles…

The finished blanket measures 55 x 65 (60 x 71″) and is composed of 7 triangles in a row and a total of 12 rows – 4 repetitions of the 3 colour triangle rows – and a seed stitch edging. You can easily adapt the size of the blanket by simply adding another triangle in the row at cast-on, or by continuing for further triangle rows.

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