About lillelarsen…

Where it all began…

I can’t quite remember when I first started knitting, but by age 12, I’m quite sure that I had already made my first sweaters, with the help of my mother, of course. What I do remember, is that I didn’t quite choose the most simple patterns, opting for some Norwegian fair isle sweater that I would never dare to tackle today and that I most certainly didn’t wear much because – well – teenager anyone? I liked to knit, but didn’t have that much use for the knitwear in itself and with more exciting things in life happening, well drifted away…

Later on, in my earlies twenties, I took one sort of sabbatical year, studying in one of my origin countries, in Iceland, and working odd jobs alongside. Back in the land of sheep and wool, and without much else to do, I took up knitting again, spending way too much money on expensive yarn for the boyfriends’ sweater that ended up too small! (Since then, I’ve never attempted to knit for any male partners again…).

Along came the babies a few years later and the wonderful world of baby knits! Yet finacnes being the way they were, I became an avid visitor of free pattern websites, adapting and changing the patterns to my liking. I guess this is where it all started, in some way. As the children grew out of baby clothing, and started to have their own will when it came to their wardrobe, I started to knit for myself again, just for the pure fun of it. Yet the more I looked, the more I realized that I never quite found the perfect pattern that I was looking for at that precise moment.

… and lillelarsen was born

In January 2019, I finally got hooked by the numbers game behind the patterns, and published, with lots of hours and sweat, my very first pattern, the Roxy sweater. It was a kind of love-hate relationship. On one hand, I do love excel sheets, yet on the other, I curse myself each and every time I start yet another pattern. What you have to know about me, is that I have a very very, really very short attention span. I’ll be completely absorbed by a project one second, then as soon as it gets a bit tedious (around the 3rd edit of the pattern or when test knitting comes around), I’ll have my eyes sparkling with a brand new idea and have a hard time finishing the process of the first one.

And that’s about it! The love of knitting, of the knitting community, the peace and calm it brings into my frenzied life, and the hope that my creations will spark a little bit of joy for some other knitter around the world continue to push me to continue with my work, no matter the outcome.

meraki [may – rah – kee]

when you do something with creativity and love, putting a piece of yourself into what you do

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