Meet fellow knitters over a lunch break!

Each time I have the opportunity to meet and chat with knitters here in Luxembourg, they mention how what’s really missing here is a cozy place to meet up and knit together. While a lot of initiatives are taking place, such as gatherings by “mamie et moi” for instance, these usually don’t work for people who work full-time and have a full-fledged family program on weekends (recognize yourself here?)

So when Lët’z Refashion suggested I could “borrow” their workshop corner in the shop once a month, I immediately said YES! Et voilà, the first l u n c h ● m e e t ● k n i t event (no, I haven’t found a fancier name yet, sorry) took place last November, and it was so much fun getting to meet new people of the knitting community here in Luxembourg. Also, it means a lot to people like me, to have this sort of bubble of peace and calm in the middle of the day, it’s super energizing! (although we all would love to just to stay there and continue knitting, but well… gotta pay those bills, right?

How does it work? Just grab your knitting project and sandwich, coffee or whatever you do for lunch and meet up with other fellow knitters for a relaxing lunch break. If you are new to the knitting world and need some support, there will definitely always be someone able to help you out!

Upcoming dates : 22/03 ● 19/04 ● 17/05 ● 14/06 ● 11/07

Location: Lët’z Refashion Shop: 8-10 Rue Genistre


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