Free knitting pattern for beginners – The Autumn shawl

Free knitting pattern for beginners – The Autumn shawl


If there’s one thing this weird year has taught me, it’s that you always, and I mean ALWAYS, need some peaceful and easy knitting project close by. Be it to work on while homeschooling your kids and help you keep your zenitude, or just to wind down in the evening after another exhausting and chaotic day. And more than ever, knitting proves itself, at least in my opinion, to be one of the most therapeutic crafts on earth. Really.

And what better way to feel you actually got something done in the day than knitting with big needles? It’s the most satisfactory feeling because you really see the shawl grow day by day in your hands and before you know you’re already done!

This pattern is super easy, and can be made with just one colour, or you can play around with different shades the way I did, by adding stripes or other motives. You can use the pattern as a basic guideline for any shawl.

Tips and tricks

The shawl is basically just knit in stockinette stitch back and forth, with increases on every right side, two stitches from the borders. To make a nice pointy edge, you start with casting on one stitch, then knit into front, back and front (k1fbf) again of that same stitch. Et voilà, you’ve got 3 stitches and a nice and neat point to your shawl. If the k1fbf worries you, have a look at this tutorial to see how it works.

Ready for another shawl and some knittingtherapy? Grab the free pattern and have a go!

The Victoria baby blanket – it’s all about rainbow colours!

The Victoria baby blanket – it’s all about rainbow colours!

The years 2019 and 2020 have turned out to be major baby boom years in these regions and as a serial knitter, a whole new baby blanket era!

I’ve always been an avid defendor of handmade presents, and made it a number one priority to celebrate the arrival of a new baby in my circle of friends or family with a handknit item. This obsession turned out to be quite time-consuming when I expanded this to entire baby blankets… Whereas a small sweater of even miniature dress will take you a few hours, sure, a baby blanket, is a whole different story.

The idea for the Victoria blanket (named after the baby who is now cuddled up in it) was born when I had had my share of Chevron baby blankets (still a number one hit and absolute go-to pattern) and thought I would need to come up with something new. I love the idea of brightness and happyness in knits for babies and children, combined with utter softness and of course, practicality.

Rainbow colours

To get the right colour combination, I chose a mix between Cashmerino from Lang Yarns and Baby Cashmerino from Debbie Bliss, but you might find your perfect colour shades in one of them only. The Cashmerino blend is incredibly soft, making not only the knitting process quitte a pleasure, but also – most importantly – the result is a very soft blanket to cuddle in. Last but not least, it is machine washable, an absolute MUST for me me when it comes to baby presents. You really don’t want to give a new mother or father the poisoned gift of hand washed clothing or accessories. It might be beautiful, but not what you need when you won’t get a good night’s rest for the next 2 to 5 years (yes, experience talking here!)

Now to the tricky part: the intarsia technique. Yes, it is extremely time-consuming and it gives you about 100 ends to weave in, but – the result is just perfect! Other arguments to convince you: it allows you to limit the usage of each yarn and also avoids there being any loops on the backside, where the small baby fingers might get stuck .

Convinced? Head over to my shop to get the pattern for free, and if you’re happy with, maybe buy me a coffee ? 😉

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