My first baby step into the knitting pattern world

Roxy Sweater

I finally made it! My very first knitting pattern is online and what a loooong road it has been…

Ok, so I guess I started into this project, as usual, slightly overoptimistic without a clue as to how many mountains I’d have to surmount to get it done. First, there was the actual pattern writing, then the search for test knitters, the editing phase and now that it’s all done… I find it hard to believe that it took me about 6 months to go through the steps!

But here we are, and with the help of superkind and superefficient knitting design editor Maggie from Midnight Purl, as well as a few kind spirits that helped me in the translations, the pattern is now available on my Ravelry site in English, Danish, German and French.

It is knit top down in worsted yarn, which makes it actually quite a quick knit. Once you’ve made it through the raglan increases, it’s a breeze and a perfect TVknit, which is always a winner for me. My first knit in the picture above is made with baby alpacca wool from Juniper Moon, and my second try was made with Malou light from Lang Yarns, which was also super nice and soft to knit, so I’d definitely recommend both.

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