Make your own perfect summerknit with the Cotton Candy Top

Make your own perfect summerknit with the Cotton Candy Top

The Cotton candy sleeveless top is a very simple yet stylish V-neck top that fits in every essential wardrobe and is a basic pattern, that, thanks to its simplicity, is especially suitable for beginners. It is knit from the bottom up in the round, with regular decreases all the way up until the armhole to create an A-line shaping.

From that point on, the front and back are worked separately, and, in a second step, each shoulder is worked separately. The fit is rather large around the waist, with a 10 c / 4″ ease around the hip circumference.

The yarn used in this pattern – Alba from BC Garn – is a 100% certified GOTS cotton. You can choose to knit it with one single colour, with three shades of a colour like shown in this model, or combining three completely different colours, it’s all up to you!

Le Cotton Candy Top est un haut à col en V simple mais élégant qui s’intègre dans n’importe quelle garde-robe de base. Il convient particulièrement aux débutants en raison de sa simplicité. Il se tricote en rond de bas en haut, avec des diminutions régulières jusqu’à l’emmanchure pour former une ligne droite.

A partir de là, le devant et le dos sont tricotés séparément, et dans un deuxième temps, chaque épaule est tricotée séparément. La coupe est plutôt large autour de la taille, avec 10 cm d’aisance autour des hanches.

Le fil utilisé dans ce patron est le Coton bio de BC Garn Alba qui existe en une multitude de couleurs pour créer votre Cotton Candy Top personalisé. Vous pouvez le tricoter en une seule couleur, en trois nuances d’une même couleur comme dans le modèle ci-dessus, ou combiner trois couleurs complètement différentes, c’est vous qui voyez!

Das ärmellose Cotton Candy Top ist ein schlichtes aber stilvolles Top mit V-Ausschnitt, das in jede Basis-Garderobe passt und besonders für Anfänger durch seine Einfachheit geeignet ist. Es wird in Runden von unten nach oben gestrickt, mit regelmässigen Abnahmen bis zum Armausschnitt, um eine A-Linienform zu bilden.

Von da an werden Vorder- und Rückenteil separat gestrickt und in einem zweiten Schritt wird jede Schulter separat gestrickt. Die Passform ist um die Taille herum eher weiter mit einer Mehrweite um die Hüfte von 10 cm.

Das in diesem Muster verwendete Garn BC Garn Alba ist eine 100% zertifierte GOTS Baumwolle. Sie können es in einer einzigen Farbe stricken, in drei Schattierungen einer Farbe, wie im obigen Modell gezeigt, oder drei völig unterschiedliche Farben kombinieren, das bleibt ganz Ihnen überlassen!


2XS, XS (S, M, L) [XL, 2XL, 3XL]

Size guide

To fit finished measurements (BUST CIRC:)

86, 86 (91, 96, 101) [106; 111; 116] cm // 32, 34 (36, 38, 40) [42, 44, 46]

Needle size

Circular needle 3.5. (US 4), 60-80 cm (24-32″) in length

Tension / gauge

10 x 10 cm (4 x 4”) = 22 sts x 31rows in stockinette stitch on 3.5 mm needle (US 4)


1 thread 4-ply or sport yarn

Yarn used in model (size S): BC Garn Alba (100% Bio cotton, GOTS labelled) 50 g // 160m / 175 yds

Colour 1 (dark pink) – 2, 2 (2, 2, 2) [2, 2, 2] skeins

Colour 2 (pink) – 2, 2 (2, 2, 2) [2, 2, 2] skeins

Colour 3 (light pink) – 1, 1 (1, 1, 1) [2, 2, 2] skeins

Meters C1: 235, 247 (259, 271, 283) [296, 308, 320]

Meters C2: 206, 219 (231, 244, 257 ) [270, 282, 295]

Meters C3: 105, 120 (135, 146, 158) [171, 184, 197]

Yardage C1: 257, 270 (283, 296, 310) [324, 337, 350]

Yardage C2: 225, 240 (253, 267, 281) [295, 309, 323]

Yardage C3: 115, 131 (148, 160, 173) [187, 201, 216]


2 markers  /  Stitch holder or scrap yarn  / tapestry needle

Make your own every day wear basics with the Simple Tee

Make your own every day wear basics with the Simple Tee

The Simple Tee is – as the name suggests – a knitting pattern for a simple T-shirt. Body and sleeves are worked separately, and the sleeves are set-in at the end. The body is knit from the bottom up until the armhole shaping and from then on front and back are worked separately. The sleeve cuffs and border of the lower body are made with a provisional cast-on and knit together once folded. The neckline mirrors the other borders, which are worked with smaller needles to keep them neat and delicate.

The Simple Tee has been designed to offer you a go-to pattern to make your own basic wardrobe for daily wear.

The yarn chosen for this T-shirt is a wool-cotton-blend, Bio Balance from BC Garn which exists in a very wide range of colours

Le Simple Tee est – comme son nom l’idique – un modèle de tricot pour un T-shirt très basique. Le corps et les manches sont travaillés séparément, et les manches sont cousues dans l’emmanchure. Le corps est tricoté du bas vers le haut jusqu’à l’emmanchure et à partir de là, le devant et le dos sot travaillés séparément.

Les bordes des manches et du bas du corps sont réalisés à l’aide d’un montage provisoire invisible et tricotés ensemble une fois pliés. L’encolure est à l’image des autres bordures, qui sont travaillées avec des aiguilles plus petites pour les garder délicates.

Le Simple Tee a été conçu pour vous offrir un modèle de base qui vous permettra de créer votre propre garde-robe de base pour vous offrir un modèle de base qui vous permettra de créer votre propre garde-robe de base pour le quotidien.

La laine suggérée pour ce T-shirt est le mélange de laine et coton Bio Balance de BC Garn qui propose une large gamme de couleurs pour tous les goûts.

Der Simple Tee ist – wie der Name es schon sagt – eine Strickanleitung für ein einfaches T-Shirt. Körper und Ärmel werden getrennt gestrickt und die Ärmlel werden zuletzt eingesetzt. Der Körper wird von unten nach oben bis zu den Armausschnitten in Runden gestrickt und danach werden die Vorder- und Rückseiten separat in Hin- und Rückreihen gearbeitet.

Die Ärmelbündchen und der Rand des Unterteils werden mit provisorischem Maschenanschlag gearbeitet, nach innen gefaltet und zusammengestrickt. Der Halsausschnitt wird nach demselben Prinzip wie die anderen Ränder gearbeitet. Die Bündchen, die mit einer kleineren Nadelgrösse gestrickt werden, bilden einen hübschen und zierlichen Randabschluss.

Die Idee hinter dem Simple Tee ist, Stricker.innen eine Anleitung anzubieten, mit dem Sie Ihre eigene Grundgarderobe für den Alltag herstellen können.

Die GOTS zertifizerte Wolle-Baumwoll-Mischung Bio Balance von BC Garn bietet zu diesem T-Shirt eine grosse Auswahl an Farben an.


2XS, XS (S, M, L) [XL, 2XL, 3XL]

Size guide

To fit finished measurements (BUST CIRC:)

91, 96 (101, 106, 111) [116; 121; 126] cm // 36, 38 (40, 42, 44) [46, 48, 50]

Tension / gauge

10 x 10 cm (4 x 4”) = 21 sts x 31rows in stockinette stitch on 3.5 mm needle (US 4)


1 thread fingering weight yarn

Yarn used in model (size S)): BC Garn Bio Balance (55% wool, 45% cotton, GOTS labelled) 50 g // 225 m / 246 yds : 4, 4 (4, 5, 5) [5, 5, 5] skeins

Meters: 725, 783 (839, 900, 942) [1008, 1042, 1105] m

Yardage: 793, 857 (918, 985, 1031) [1103, 1140, 1209] yds


2 markers  /  Stitch holder or scrap yarn  / tapestry needle

Needle size

Circular needle 2.5 mm (US 1.5), 60-80 cm (24-32″) in length

Circular needle 3.5. (US 4), 60-80 cm (24-32″) in length

CIrcular needle 2.5 mm (US 1.5) , 40 cm (16″) in length or double-pointed needles

Circular needle 3.5. mm (US 4), 40 cm (16″) in length or double-pointed needles

Any questions or comments about the pattern? Let me know, so I can add it to the FAQ!

Make the perfect gift for a new baby : The Zoe blanket

Make the perfect gift for a new baby : The Zoe blanket

Diy versus store-bought

A few years ago, some sort of baby boom hit my “office family”, with an average of 2 babies brought into the world every year from my female colleagues. When the first one was about to be due, I found myself in Denmark on holidays, walking on the beach with the kids, when I suddenly thought to myself: Well, this time, I’m going to do something special! I won’t simply buy something from the wishlist for the new baby, but make something specially for the baby itself. That day on the beach of Ebeltoft, what would become a neverending series of baby blankets was born. Little did I know that once I’d started this “tradition”, I’d have to make an average of two blankets a year. And let me tell you, blankets take a loooong time to make!

Oer Strand (Ebeltoft, Denmark)

I had made one many years ago for one of my friends, a chevron blanket that afterwards was passed on among my friends until it was worn threadbare. Which is, in my opinion, the best thing that can happen. Knowing that you’ve made a present that is useful and brings joy, is the best feeling you can get. And since usually, when people have their first child, family and friends are only too keen to buy everything that’s on the list of the soon-to-be-parents, I guess that if you have certain crafting talents, you should definitely put them to good use and make something special!

Which is my new basic rule: If you can think of a handmade present that will give more joy than anything you can think of buying, just so you have a present for a certain occasion, then make it yourself!

So for little Jacob, I went with the Chevron Baby blanket from Purl soho, one of my go-to patterns which I absolutely adore. I used a double strand of a simple, machine washable cotton blend, and since I was on holidays, knitting it up was a breeze. Soon after, the next baby was due, little Julie… so I quickly whipped up another one. But by now, the chevron pattern was getting a bit boring, and also, I almost had a bad conscience at not doing something personal for little Julie. (By the way, Julie is quite happy with her blanket and finds it very comforting to stick her fingers between the knits and purls …)

Luckily, there were a few months until the next baby was due, so I could actually start sitting down and thinking a bit about making a dedicated pattern this time around. I fiddled around with rainbow patterns (but let me tell you, trying to transpose a rainbow onto a blanket is NOT an easy task – to make it short, I failed!). The end result of a lot of trial and errors was the Victoria blanket, an intarsia pattern with diamonds in rainbow colours.

Who is afraid of intarsia?

Since I had put so much work into drafting the Victoria Baby blanket, I guessed I could just as well put it online for others to use. And altough I thought that the intarsia part of it would put most knitters off the task, it has been downloaded more than 5.000 times in less than a year! Which means, there are a lot of really crazy knitters out there ready to take up the challenge!

Soon after that one was done, you’ll guess it, another baby was about to pop out, little Zoe. And since I’d started this crazy tradition, off I went for another blanket.

And since I am the kind of gal that quickly looses interest in doing the same thing more than once, I knew I had to come up with something a little different to make it work in time and still be satisfied with the result.

On the other hand, the rainbow theme is one that I really really like as you can see … there’s just something about these gorgeous colours that makes my heart skip a beat and think of sunshine, spring, and all good things wrapped up in one simple blanket. Also, I feel that as new parents, you need something to brighten up your daily life when sleep and me-time are a distant memory and will be for a long time to come (experience talking here, since I myself did not have the pleasure of producing any babies that slept throught their nights…).

The Zoe blanket : hearts and rainbow all in one

Keeping with the Baby cashmerino yarn, which is just the right kind of soft you want for a newborn AND is still machine washable (!), I started testing and trying out a few design ideas, and stuck with the heart theme. It took a while to get the curves just right, and the perfect spacing between them in both directions, but the result was definitely worth the sweat!

The finished blanket measures 90 x 100 (35.5 x 40″) and is composed of 7 rows of hearts, and a seed stitch edging.

Ready to take up the crazy intarsia challenge once again? I’d love to see your progress! Share your work using the hashtag #zoeblanket !

Download your free copy of the Zoe Blanket in English, French, German or Danish and subscribe to my newsletter if you want to be the first to know when a new Baby blanket – or other pattern – is out! (spoiler alert : there is another one in the making… I told you: baby boom in the office family…)

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