Make the perfect gift for a new baby : The Zoe blanket

Diy versus store-bought A few years ago, some sort of baby boom hit my “office family”, with an average of 2 babies brought into the world every year from my female colleagues. When the first one was about to be due, I found myself in Denmark on holidays, walking on the beach with the kids, […]

How to make your creative work accessible to all

or How much can you actually ask customers to pay for your creative work? Ever since I launched my website about a year ago, I’ve been struggling with this endless questionning of “How much should I ask people to pay for a knitting pattern?” I searched around the web for guidelines, then compared the pricing […]

Free knitting pattern for beginners – The Autumn shawl

#knittingtherapy If there’s one thing this weird year has taught me, it’s that you always, and I mean ALWAYS, need some peaceful and easy knitting project close by. Be it to work on while homeschooling your kids and help you keep your zenitude, or just to wind down in the evening after another exhausting and […]

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The Victoria baby blanket – it’s all about rainbow colours!

The years 2019 and 2020 have turned out to be major baby boom years in these regions and as a serial knitter, a whole new baby blanket era! I’ve always been an avid defendor of handmade presents, and made it a number one priority to celebrate the arrival of a new baby in my circle […]

Roxy Sweater

My first baby step into the knitting pattern world

I finally made it! My very first knitting pattern is online and what a loooong road it has been… Ok, so I guess I started into this project, as usual, slightly overoptimistic without a clue as to how many mountains I’d have to surmount to get it done. First, there was the actual pattern writing, […]

How do you eat an elephant

How do you eat an elephant?

You might know this phrase, which I heard for the first time a year or so ago, while listening to one of the many audiobooks in my list, destined to make me a more organized, a happier me. The answer to the question? One bite at a time. This thought has been with me now […]