Pay what works

an accessible pricing scheme to make lillelarsen’s knitting patterns available to everyone

We at lillelarsen are convinced that knitting can have tremendous positive influence in your life, be it to take your mind of your worries and problems, to take a break from the challenges of a stressful day, or as a form of meditation. Which is why it should be accessible to everyone, no matter in what season of their life they’re in, in an up or a down on that roller coaster of life we all have. 

So if you find that paying the full price, right now, is really financially difficult for you right now, go ahead and pick one of the coupon codes below that fits your budget. These coupon codes work for the patterns that are priced above 7€ (mostly accessories are excluded due to their low price). Simply enter the coupon code at checkout, and enjoy your new knitting pattern!

Use coupon code lillelarsen5 and pay 5€ at the checkout.

Use coupon code lillelarsen3 and pay 3€ at the checkout. 

Now go on, grab your yarn and needles and get knitting!

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