The Autumn Shawl

An easy, quick (and free!) knitting pattern for your peaceful and therapeutic knitting sessions


So this very quick and almost brainless knitting pattern came up during COVID, after a year that just kept getting weirder and plunging us all into whole new reality, that more than once made me wonder if we’d all slipped into a futuristic science fiction movie over night without realizing it. And if there’s one thing this completely awkward period taught me, it was that you always, and I mean ALWAYS, need some peaceful and easy knitting project close by. When everything around goes bat-shit crazy, you need one constant, something where you don’t need to think or make any big decisions, and that just works like it always did. 

Be it to work on while homeschooling your kids and help you keep your zenitude, or just to wind down in the evening after another exhausting and chaotic day. And more than ever, knitting proves itself, at least in my opinion, to be one of the most therapeutic crafts on earth. Really.

Actually, I do happen do have a few knitting projects going at the same time (as most of you, I know), on one hand of course because it’s always super exciting to cast something new on even though you have a gazillion wip s stashed away somewhere, and on the other hand, because I need a project for each mood and season of life. 

And the Autumn shawl was just one such pattern, I wanted something easy, a no-brainer, and a comfy project to work on. And what better way to feel you actually got something done in the day than knitting with big needles? It’s the most satisfactory feeling because you really see the shawl grow day by day in your hands and before you know you’re already done!

The knitting pattern

This pattern is super easy, and can be made with just one colour, or you can play around with different shades the way I did, by adding stripes or other motives. You can use the pattern as a basic guideline for just about any shawl. This makes it also a perfect project for those who are just beginning their knitting journey and are looking for a garment to start to learn to knot. 


The shawl is basically just knit in stockinette stitch back and forth, with increases on the edges of every right side, two stitches from the borders. To make a nice pointy edge, you start with casting on one stitch, then knit into front, back and front (k1fbf) again of that same stitch. Et voilà, you’ve got 3 stitches and a nice and neat point to your shawl. If the k1fbf worries you, have a look at this tutorial to see how it works.


Ready for another shawl and some knittingtherapy? Grab the free pattern and have a go!

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