Simple stripes

The Simple Stripes Sweater is a yoke pattern fitting for beginners. It is worked form the top down, with several increase throughout the yoke. Once you reach the armhole, body and sleeves are split and worked separately. Whereas the body is knit witht he two contrasting colours in bold stripes, you will make much smallerContinue reading “Simple stripes”

Lavender Cardigan

The Lavender cardigan is a simple raglan pattern, which is worked separately, bottom-up, then combined at the armholes. The delicate Daisy Pattern is worked throughout the pattern, and is rounded off by a twisted 1×2 rib along all edges of the cardigan. The yarn used in the model is a mix of mohair, nettle fiber,Continue reading “Lavender Cardigan”

Rosemary Cardigan

The Rosemary cardigan is a very simple pattern which is worked top-down, starting at the neckline and constructed downwards with raglan increases. At the height of the armhole, body and sleeves are split and worked separately. The two-colour combination applies simple but fun accents and makes the cardigan stand out from your standard wardrobe. TheContinue reading “Rosemary Cardigan”

Ocean Breeze Sweater

The ocean breeze sweater is knit from the bottom up, with the arms cast on separately and sewn into the armhole in the end. Its “oversize” style makes it a very comfortable daily wear that matches with jeans as well as tighter skirts, which will underline its width. Keep in mind when choosing your yarnContinue reading “Ocean Breeze Sweater”