The Sunset Cardigan  is a very warm and cosy jacket perfect to wear for  in-between seasons.  It is designed as a no-sew pattern and is worked all in one piece. By combining different mohair colours and working them in different combinations throughout the cardigan, you will create a unique marbled effect.

Starting at the upper back, the cardigan is worked top-down, to the armholes. Then both front pieces are added separately by picking up stitches at the shoulders. Once all three parts are worked for the upper body, they are joined to work the lower body in one piece. The sleeves are  worked by picking up stitches along the armholes and knitting in the round. 

Finally, the buttonband is added by picking up stitches along the front edges and working a double-knit technique where the buttonholes are added directly while working the buttonband. Since the cardigan is worked with one strand DK weight yarn  – Gepard Garn Woolia in this case – and two strands of mohair, there’s a lot of possibilities for playing around with colour gradients and combinations. 

About the testknit:

The deadline for the testknit is 10 March, 2024.

Testers will be required to have finished knitting the cardigan up to this date, and have communicated any errors, comments or suggestions by that date as well. Knitters that have been selected to participate in the testknit will be notified by e-mail. Since it is important to be able to count on your support as a testknitter, it’s important to be sure you can manage to finish the cardigan within the given timing, to enable me to finalize the pattern for publication.

Frequently asked questions :

Is this a secret test?

No, absolutely not! On the contrary, I’m glad for you to show off your work-in-progress to your knitting friends, family and spread the joy!

Can I publish pictures as I’m working on the testknit?

Yes, definitely, and pretty please do! Ideally, if you’re publishing on instagram, tag my account @lillelarsenlux and use the hashtag #sunsetcardigan so I can easily see your progress as well and share it with the community (in order to share it, you will have to have your account set to public – but no worries if you prefer not to). If you’re using Gepard Garn yarn, you can also tag @gepardgarn.

Do I have to share pictures with you?

I completely understand if taking pictures is not your thing. We will be sharing our project via a specific channel on SLACK, so there you can share pictures that will never be published without your agreement on any other platform. But you will have to send me a picture of the final garment so I can see how it turned out 🙂

What about Ravelry?

If you have an account on Ravelry, I will kindly ask you to share your account name with me (so I can send you the finished pattern right into your library once we’re done with the editing) and also, so you can open up a testknit project that will then be directly linked to the pattern. This is extremely helpful and inspiring for fellow knitters to see all the possibilities when it comes to yarn choices and options as well as colour combinations. You will get detailed instructions once you’re part of the testknitting group.

What skill level is required for the testknit?

Since there are a few more tricky techniques used in this pattern (picking up sts, double-knit binding) this pattern is suitable for more advanced knitters, or beginners who are quick to pick up new skills

What’s in it for me?

Well, there’s the fun, of course … but the question is absolutely understandable! I’ve been able to partner up with Gepard Garn to provide a partial yarn support for a few testers who have a good platform and visibility and who, of course, use the indicated yarn. This choice will be made once all the applications are in, and made together with my yarn partner. But, in any case, you will get a free pattern from my pattern store AND if you order the Gepard Garn yarn at Woolinspires, you will get 5% off your order (details will be given in confirmation mail). And you will probably get to meet lots of fellow knitters from around the world …

How do I submit my application?

Right here!

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